Skadron will protect Aspen’s water |

Skadron will protect Aspen’s water


Skadron will protect Aspen’s water

Dear Editor:

Thank you to the Aspen Center For Environmental Studies for hosting the environmental forum. Candidates had the opportunity to weigh in on the two biggest challenges facing the valley — climate change and water.

Mayoral candidate Steve Skadron’s core values and voting record reflect his commitment to protecting and enhancing our community through the fundamental principles of ecological stewardship.

As a the chair of the Center for Resources Efficiency (CORE), Steve has led our town to become a national model, setting goals and providing opportunities to support local businesses and residents to achieve the highest level of energy efficiency and renewable energy standards possible. Steve represents the generation that understands the severity of climate change as the worst crisis facing mankind. He is the next generation of “wicked” smart, tech savvy, cutting-edge problem solvers looking for solutions.

Our watershed is under continued pressure to divert additional water from the Roaring Fork River and Hunter Creek through the trans-mountain diversion tunnels, delivering water to the Front Range. And to the east, the water grab is on for further gas and oil development.

Steve’s record has proven that he is committed to continuing additional conservation efforts and he will fight to stand up for the city’s water rights, protecting our irreplaceable asset.

This election is a crossroad. We can thoughtfully work together under the leadership of Steve who has a true historic sense of Aspen’s core environmental values … or we can go down the road of short term growth with long term consequences.

Steve Skadron is the clear choice as Aspen’s next mayor. He can lead us into the future without losing the lessons of the past.

Ruth Brown