Skadron, Mullins will protect Aspen |

Skadron, Mullins will protect Aspen


Skadron, Mullins will protect Aspen

Dear Editor:

I have been gone from Aspen a year now, but the part of me that misses some dear friends, and the old Aspen seems to take control of me now and then. Another big election coming. Each one seems to be the one that will finally drive a steak through the heart of the community we all love.

Through the years, all the polls and the Aspen Area Community Plan basically have indicated that maintaining the charm, scale and massing of the old mining town is what makes Aspen the tourist draw it has become.

I truly believe that is true, and that economic viability comes from preservation, not demolition. I hate compromise, but it looks like that is what needed in Aspen’s future.

I feel that Steve Skadron has the passion and intellectual maturity to take Aspen in the right direction in the future, and coupled with the steady thoughtful approach that Ann Mullins has shown in the past, there would be a good balance by electing these two candidates.

Les Holst

Key West, Fla.