Sister Helen Holy needs a new shtick |

Sister Helen Holy needs a new shtick

As recounted in “Sister Helen Holy: A staple for Aspen Gay Ski Week’s downhill fun” (Aspen Times online, Jan. 17), Paul J. Williams’ comic routine is not merely tasteless but also is anachronistic, in that the church he ridicules for censoriousness now appears to have a greater number of actively gay men in its clergy than Aspen ever had during Gay Ski Week.

Does he think he’s being “edgy” by fighting yesterday’s war?

And does he think that there is still humor to be found in the spectacle of a Tartuffe behaving like a lecher? Thanks to the rash of sex abuse cases cropping up in the Catholic Church, 80 percent of which are homosexual in nature, that train left the station some time ago.

No, “Sister” Williams’ “downhill fun” is more downhill than fun. It serves no one — least of all gay men — to attack Christians who actually pray for them.

Chad Klinger