Sink the Lift One cruise ships

Unfundable fantasy. Stop the Epic and Ikon malling of Aspen.

Send this defamation of Aspen’s character back to a new Aspen City Council negotiation with Torre as the mayor, Bert and Rachel on council.

Create a new reality: Aspen voters don’t need or want two huge cruise ships on Aspen Street in order to have a safe ski lift.

The impacts will detonate the carrying capacity and infrastructure of this neighborhood and our community.

Don’t allow the extortion of city taxpayers by the Aspen Skiing Co., Gorsuch/Loews and Brown brothers for cash, variances, parking, gridlock, negative affordable-housing mitigation.

Require a huge completion bond/earnest money from all profiteers to guarantee COO fulfillment date.

Ruthie’s restaurant will be a Cloud 9 cash cow when the lift is revamped; make the Skico stand up and pay their share or eliminate nighttime party/wedding and dinner/disco service from the new deal!

Skico will cash in forever in dozens of selfish ploys.

Skico can afford/absorb the costs being robbed from taxpayers for housing, infrastructure, park access and code required exactions/incentives.

Act like the big shots you want to be and pay it forward to sustain our historic ski town’s character and make this project perfect, not just good enough.

Generosity is the first step to prosperity!

Vote “no” on giving development permits for an unfunded fantasy that will be the next Michael Fox/Aspen Club bust.

Vote “yes” backing individual/neighborhood integrity versus corporate greed/Skico industrial tourism.

Tim Mooney