Sick and tired of apology culture

Is it just me, or do the letters to the editor seem to be getting particularly nasty recently?

In the most recent installment, letters demanding the apology from the Snowmass Village mayor for his accurate analogy comparing the actions of the board of health to George Floyd, an analogy of having your necked stepped on.

For those of us that have seen our incomes evaporate, it’s an all too vivid illustration. The current projection is that over the next decade, the financial ruin and isolation happening right now will result in a little over 1 million excess deaths. I’m betting those people would agree it feels like they’re having their neck stepped on.

These letter-to-the-editor-bullies want you to understand how virtuous they are, so they get properly frothed up and publicly demand an apology. Or else! Ask yourself, is this kind of adult-bullying a tool of unity? Or division?

John Jacobs