Show us the money |

Show us the money

If convicted swindler Derek Johnson is looking for forgiveness for systematically looting the Aspen Skiing Co. of over $5 million in sporting equipment, he can take a first step. Johnson should disclose the remaining amount and give up the hidden loot.

He and his wife, Kerri, admitted to the years’ long thefts, which prosecutors said netted the couple nearly $2.5 million. Johnson reportedly told The Aspen Times that the amount was not that high.

The proof of his sincerity would come from his wife and him detailing where the money went, what’s left of it and giving it up.

Johnson and his family lived in Aspen affordable housing, while he pulled down substantial pay as a Skico executive. There must be plenty of remaining cash.

He says the amount wasn’t $2.5 million, so he is keeping track of it. If he and his wife want forgiveness, let them prove it and not by a wordy whitewash.

Knowing that Derek and Kerri do not get to keep all their ill-gotten gains would bring additional closure for his former employees, whom he psychologically and financially abused in a “reign of terror,” according to Skico officials.

As Derek reportedly said, “Everything I’m saying is 100% words. It’s 100% potential bullshit.”

After so many years of thievery and deceit, the time has come for them to do the right thing.

Bernie Grauer