Shooting range doesn’t live up to standards |

Shooting range doesn’t live up to standards

After the 2012 wildfire that started at the Basalt shooting range, Colorado Parks and Wildlife’s Perry Will told The Aspen Times that firefighters had found metal targets in trees well beyond the 100-yard limit of the range, and that users would be required to avoid placing targets more than 100 yards away since they could be a fire hazard.

The very first information on the home page of CPW’s shooting range website helps explain why targets were placed well beyond the Basalt range’s 100-yard limit. The website states the following: “One of the most important preparations is sighting-in your firearm. Since bullets travel in an arc, not a straight line, it’s vital to adjust your rifle before each hunt to hit a target at a specific range. Typically, rifles are targeted-in at both one hundred and two hundred yards.”

Since CPW says it is very important to sight-in rifles at both 100 and 200 yards before each hunt, shouldn’t it also be very important for CPW to find a location in the midvalley for a range that would allow for a 200-yard distance, instead of the 100 yards that the current range is limited to? Why continue with a range that does not meet CPW’s own criteria?

We should not settle for a sub-standard shooting range that has the additional disadvantage of being a proven fire hazard!

Michael Kerr