Shooting from the hip

Thanks to Aspen City Council for the no-guns-in-city-buildings vote.

For those people who came from Rifle wearing guns, it’s pushy to try to decide what the voters of Aspen should want. Aspen is not Rifle; people don’t need or want guns to feel good. And for the ladies posing with the guns, it may be fashion in Rifle, not here. The jeans look good, not the guns.

I thought an attempt to embarrass Rachel, the former mayor, for her son’s action as a teenager 20 years ago was low, and her response was heartfelt and so well spoken. I knew three of those boys; one lived at my house for two months before it. The nastiest people in the event were (judge) DeVilbiss and (prosecutor) Wills.

Some gun advocates parrot the Second Amendment, but they leave out the part of the Constitution that says every citizen has a right to “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.” Hard to be happy when someone is threatening with a gun.

Some normal people like to hunt, and I did as a kid. But really, is it a sport if one side wins all the time? What great skill is involved with hitting a deer with a rifle and a scope? Now I may have some hypocrisy as I love the elk on the menu at Pinons, but I hope the beast just walked into the kitchen one day and volunteered to be dinner. Never was hunting as much fun as football or ski racing.

I was recently in Turkey and lots of what looked to be teenagers even walking around with auto weapons — not a good feeling.

Bill Greenwood