Sheriff missing point of gun control |

Sheriff missing point of gun control

“I shot the sheriff” sang reggae star Bob Marley. However, students in American schools are more likely than our police officers to be the victim of shootings. Still, it would seem to behoove police officers to favor the limitation of deadly weapons in circulation than to increase them; for their own security. But truth be told, fatalities of police rank between house painters and groundskeepers as the 15th most dangerous occupation. Funny though, I’ve never heard of a parade of cars going to a funeral for a house painter that fell off a ladder. Nor does the brotherhood of house painters call me for donations for the fallen.

All this brings me to some comments by Garfield County Sheriff Lou Vallario about mass shootings and gun control. For example, it is reported he believes that increased security in schools is preferred over gun control. I’m ex-Army, so I imagine this to be classes in military squad tactics for students and staff. These tactics could be practiced along with their existing security drills. A perimeter should be established with razor wire, trip wires and land mines, and overlapping fields of fire. To be effective, all “personnel” will be armed at all times. Body armor and helmets will be worn. The text book should be “Army Training Publication (ATP) 3-21.8: Infantry Platoon and Squad.” I loved playing “cops and robbers” and “cowboys and Indians” in first grade; although we only used cap pistols and BB guns.

We also learn that “gun control” is a “bandwagon” to be jumped on by “liberal politicians and Hollywood elite” to “politicize” the Florida shooting. It does make sense that the majority of politicians that speak out for change (AKA: jumping on a bandwagon), are “liberal,” as in Democrats. One reason for this is reported by Politico. During the 2016 election cycle the gun lobbies gave $5,900,00 to Republicans versus $106,000 to Democrats.

The United States stands alone in the world for the number of gun killings of all kinds, and especially for group shootings. No where else are the weapons of war so prevalent and easily accessible. Australian had a mass shooting in 1996. They passed laws to remove and control and have not had a mass shooting since.

For a couple of hundred years the Second Amendment meant states would have militias; nothing else. The Scalia Supreme Court decided in a 5-4 vote to reinterpret the amendment to mean “personal right.” Scalia, the so-called “original intent” advocate, said public opinion had changed on the matter over the years. He did what he was told to do. However, even Scalia made a point of saying that their new opinion did not rule out “reasonable” gun control. I think the sheriff may have missed that point.

Patrick Hunter


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