Shameful firings at local hospitals |

Shameful firings at local hospitals

Thank you for the articles regarding Aspen Valley Hospital and Valley View Hospital releasing doctors, nurses and other invaluable hospital workers who gave their hearts and souls as front-line workers at the outset of the unknown COVID-19 illness prior to any vaccinations.

Now, after all that you are firing them for not being vaccinated? Are any of you aware of the antibodies our bodies produce after being infected or exposed that are proven to last longer and being more effective than the vaccine? Have any of you “in charge” even offered an antibody test to these incredible workers? Are any of you in charge of these decisions making rational evaluations?

I actually got COVID late this summer and thought it was a mild cold but my incredible local medical experts asked me to get tested at AVH. Yes, I had the delta variant. It only lasted about three days, but I followed protocol and quarantined. Afterward, I requested the antibody test. It is “off the charts.”

So, I started doing research — most people I know had some level of COVID but did not get an antibody test. Is it actually possible that our valley has “herd immunity”?

Are any of you questioning this shameful firing at our local hospitals? Is it time for a lawsuit?

I am so disappointed in your “leadership.”

Lorrie B. Winnerman