Shame on you, Planned Parenthood |

Shame on you, Planned Parenthood

Shame on you, Planned Parenthood.

Although painfully obvious, I feel compelled to point out the blatant disregard Planned Parenthood has for our town’s traditions (and our nation’s greatness as a whole). In reference to Monday’s contribution titled “A bipartisan march for Planned Parenthood,” (Letters, July 1, I offer the following two definitions:

1. Parade — “A public procession celebrating a day or event.”

2. March — “A procession as a protest or demonstration.”

It seems P.P. has misinterpreted the function of Aspen’s Old Fashioned Fourth of July Parade. This point highlights the cultural themes of their organization — uncaring, mislead and with complete disregard for “the big picture.”

Also, do they really have to solicit warm bodies from 40 miles away to invade an event located 40 miles away from their miserable little building? Yikes.

Heaven forbid we set one day of the year aside to celebrate something truly bipartisan — coming together in joy and gratitude for our great country! God bless America!

Molly Mix