Shame on this newspaper

The following letter regards a paid statement published Dec. 22 on page A15 of The Aspen Times.

First, to the editorial staff at The Aspen Times: How in Gods’ name did you even print this hyperbolic screed? Do you endorse the ingesting by your readers of hydro chloroquine, ivermectin and highly diffused pure hydrogen peroxide?

Do you agree that Dr. Fauci and the scientists at NIH are “twisted minds”? Are you endorsing anything that Trump says as being truthful? What’s next? Paid recruitment ads by the KKK and Proud Boys?

Shame on you.

Second, to Ms. Sparlin and her “need to have a dialogue.”

One of your fellow cultists was on TV asking, and I paraphrase, “…when can we use our guns? When can we start killing them?”

Another fellow cultist, Jesse Watters, was filmed advocating for an “ambush” and a “kill shot … BLAM” on Dr. Fauci. So, to continue this “dialogue,” when are you and all your ilk going to fly down to Jonestown and partake of the literal Kool-Aid?

Please be sure your orange leader goes along this time; he said he was going to go to the Capital on 1/6 … but no.

I would be remiss if I didn’t point out two facts that you did get right: Trump is of the older generation, and he is overweight.

Alan Waters