Shame on Aspen Public Radio |

Shame on Aspen Public Radio

I’ve been in a state of sadness and disbelief since Aspen Public Radio’s announcement caught me off-guard. APR’s superb music programming so many of us locals have valued and enjoyed for years is gone. Talk about a brutal hit.

Music is not filler on the radio; it is medicine for the soul. I can’t count how many of my evenings have been filled with jazz that lightened the day’s load, comforted and soothed me. I am now in mourning for what was a highlight of any given day. Shame to all of you sitting in the APR throne. APR may think that uncomfortable dismissal of our talented and respected DJs is settled. But don’t be surprised as many of us in the valley now dismiss APR.

Cass Cleverly Zajicek

El Jebel