Shake it up and vote for Kimbo and Reece |

Shake it up and vote for Kimbo and Reece

Local elections are important. Very important. I was reminded of this during the past election when a one-trick-pony was elected to congress to represent CO3. Rep. Lauren Boebert has refused to speak to constituents, she won’t even acknowledge half her district because we are the “radical left” — apparently anyone who believes in science is radical.

So while we are stuck with a dullard who can’t cook pork to proper temp so as not to sicken people, we do have a choice in the upcoming local election for mayor and two Aspen City Council seats. Let’s make sure we get someone who will represent both (all sides) sides no matter how they tend to lean. We need thinkers with different points of view who are willing to listen to the other side.

Aspen for too long has been an echo chamber of one side, patting themselves on the back for agreeing with one another. Time for some change!

I believe that Mark Reece has the right attitude and the right disposition to do whats best for the town, not what’s necessarily best for him. He will be a leader who knows the tenuous balance between leadership and overreach, and I endorse Mark Reece for City Council.

I also feel the Kimbo Brown-Schirato will bring a new and outside view to council that has been sorely missed. Ideas about how we can, as a community, prop one another up, not hold anyone down. Kimbo Brown-Schirato and Mark Reece are two different points of view that both see a great future for Aspen. Oh, vote Torre!

Aidan Wynn


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