Senseless moose killing outside of Aspen |

Senseless moose killing outside of Aspen

I was reminded DOW really stands for Death Of Wildlife with the recent murder of the moose near Difficult Campground. Animal control stated, “the moose taken by … officers was not the same moose that had the dog, then man conflict just days before.” Hard to swallow that the moose who lived in the area two years with no conflict, just out of the blue, charged these two men who were “looking to bring a moose down.”

Was it hungry hunters taking a moose out of season?

The continuing actions of DOW is a grave reminder DOW still stands for Death Of Wildlife, as it did under Randy Cote. It’s a tragedy that the change in leadership did nothing to aid in the already seriously lacking morality, lack of empathy abundance of sociopathic behavior of DOW. If you need animal assistance, you can call the locals, but unless you want the animal dead, trapped with snare traps or worse, don’t call DOW.

Lou Lou Goss


Editor’s note: The state of Colorado no longer has a DOW; it currently is known as Colorado Parks and Wildlife.