Seniors seeking housing

In 1990, I moved from Aspen because friends offered to be my bank and real estate was cheaper in Snowmass Village. We had a co-tenancy agreement written up and we bought a house together. Part of the agreement was that I would never have to move unless I wanted to. 

In the fall of 2019, the housing agreement was broken. We had to vacate April 30, 2020, after having lived in that home for 30 years. There wasn’t enough equity to roll into the purchase of another home, particularly as prices were on the rise. Then along came COVID-19.

Being 71 and 72 at the time, neither one of us was working enough to meet the full-time hours requirement for employee housing in Snowmass Village or Pitkin County. We had also worked at Anderson Ranch for 22 years; however, we were not seeking employee housing at the time. Even to buy an employee unit, which we would not qualify for considering our annual hours, we would have to sign an agreement saying we would work for another 10 years, which is unrealistic given our ages.

This upcoming ski season will be Annie’s 50th season teaching skiing for Aspen Skiing Co., and Tim’s 15th season working in the private lesson desk at Snowmass. Skico has been very generous to us, and we mean that sincerely, to have had us at the Club Commons since May 2020, but they have policies, too, i.e., certain limitations, which is understandable. So as of Oct. 31, we will have to move, which is hard to imagine given the tight housing market.

I have loved living and working in this valley for more than 50 years and we looked forward to living the rest of our lives here. Unfortunately, time and energy given to this community doesn’t count toward a secure place to live. 

We are looking for something to rent or put a down payment on in Snowmass Village that we can afford. We feel such a strong connection here and would hate to be uprooted or have to leave this community, which has been an integral part of our lives.

Anyone with any ideas, please get in touch with us.

Annie Vores

Snowmass Village