Send Glenn Beaton packing

I will give anyone $50 to get Glenn Beaton out of the county. Better yet, I will drive him myself. We can go to Anytown, USA, and help at a homeless shelter or something like that. We will not panhandle at a four- or five-star restaurant as an experiment.

Glenn sounds like Trump going after older women and children, and on top of that, gloating. Is your party going to gloat for months or are you going to govern and actually work to get good things done? Hopefully the 2016-17 gloat tour is over. What isn’t over are the tweets that are going after older, wiser women such as Meryl Streep, for example.

So my thought is this, Republicans are going to need all the liberals they can get to stop or slow down the next president unless he can really control himself and actually work and govern, which remains to be seen, but the history of Trump is all about Trump and money. I really think Trump does not give one damn about me. He certainly does not care about his own people like Glenn Beaton. I don’t think he cares about the American public. Just the public money and economy to make his business people more moneyed and more powered.

Miles Knudson