Sell Building 6 |

Sell Building 6

From what I have read about the vague plans for Snowmass Base Village’s unfinished Building 6, I believe that the best course is for the town to sell the building and put the multi-million dollar proceeds to more productive use.

In my conversations with people who love Snowmass, and I would count myself among this group, I have found tepid support for a new taxpayer-subsidized community use building. As far as I can tell, the main proponents of this plan seem to be officials within the town of Snowmass government. Not to impugn their intentions, I just feel that we voters/taxpayers should drive this decision.

By means of contrast, this is what went wrong with the massive, controversial “Holy Cross Electric” sculpture which was imposed on the Snowmass Village community with no input from the town’s arts advisory panel and in the face of vocal public opposition. This controversial sculpture stands like Russel Crowe’s mask in the final scenes of the movie “Gladiator.” There is nothing Snowmass about it. Please let’s not make the same mistake twice.

So let’s welcome ideas from both proponents and detractors of the town’s current plan to hold on to the unfinished Building 6. Based on what I’ve read thus far, the unfinished building should be put on the market.

One easy choice would be to sell the building to a real estate management company who could create and maintain space for additional retail stores and restaurants. As those of us who love to ski at Snowmass know, at peak season there are lines out the door of most restaurants in Base Village, and this is before all the new hot beds come on line from the new Limelight Hotel and further Base Village development.

John Hornblower


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