Seeking civic-minded, smart and wise candidates

I know just who I’m going to be voting for. It is anyone who doesn’t want to breath polluted air, drink foul water, eat poisoned food, or arm an angry population with stink bombs. I want someone who is awake enough to see the fires, hurricanes, droughts and floods as symptomatic of a thoughtless humanity, and is wise enough to listen to the science and work thoughtful solutions.

I want my children’s health and education to be more important to them than having enough money for a private jet and pilot. I want every person who owns a gun to have a license, showing that he has been taught the proper use of a deadly weapon, the same way that every person driving 2 tons of speeding vehicle my way, is inculcated into its proper use and mind set.

There are forces working to build strife and discord within our country and I do not want my legislator to be in the thrall of some wack-a-doodle, un-fact checked, news stream bent on seeing this country torn apart. Yes, I will be voting for Democrats and any Republican who also demonstrates education, wisdom and civic-mindedness.

John Hoffmann