Seeing red over Gorsuch deal |

Seeing red over Gorsuch deal

I remember reading a slick promotional flier intending to influence the Aspen voters to approve the Gorsuch development plan at the base of Lift 1A. I don’t remember reading that the developers would soon sell off part of this land to a Russian oligarch and pocket a cool $66 million for himself in the bargain.

What a bargain, right Aspen? The ruble is sinking. Maybe the good people of Aspen can ban together and buy it back. Knowing what we know now, I was wondering if it is too late for me to change my vote on this project? Oh, wait, I didn’t vote for it. Is it possible to have a do-over of the election anyway, knowing what we know now? If not, I think I’m gonna need a bucket of red paint, and a big paintbrush.

I would like to thank Peter Fornell for sticking out his neck (and his paintbrush) and speaking truth to power. Or, shall I say, painting truth to liars.

Big money, baby! It ruins everything.

Dan Sheridan