Scribe misses the mark on sex ed at Aspen High

Wow. First, new student Oceane Jones is a phenomenal writer. The Scribbler is lucky. Sadly, she seems to have committed the time-honored practice of cherry-picking facts to create her desired narrative; namely that Aspen High School is endangering our students by only preaching abstinence.

Both of my children (current AHS students) have learned plenty in health about sexual education: how to use a condom, perform fellatio/cunnilingus, all types of sexually transmitted diseases and how they can be passed to a baby during birth, and all forms of birth control. They even got to see live birth videos, one vaginal and one c-section.

While I am quite certain that the faculty has made clear that the best way to avoid STDs or pregnancy is to not have sex, I think that is entirely different from “only teaching abstinence” or leaving students in the dark, as the author claims. Health class is a freshman requirement.

Perhaps Ms. Jones missed the boat by not moving here until sophomore year? The students who took freshman year health at AHS are not in the dark about sex, in any way shape or form. Admittedly, this old school WASP found some of the more graphic lessons hard to hear about, but I also recognize how crucial they are for teaching our kids the realities of the world in which they live. Maybe Ms. Jones needs to work on fact-checking, and maybe AHS needs to require health class for all new high school students, regardless of entry grade.

Bettina Slusar

Snowmass Village