Scott Tipton’s views and voting record |

Scott Tipton’s views and voting record

Scott Tipton’s voting record and philosophy on Social Security, Trump, climate change, fossil fuels, animals and protecting the Earth, the very biosphere that sustains life:

Rated 25 percent by HSLF, indicating an anti-animal welfare voting record. (Jan. 2012)

No EPA permits required for forest road runoff. (July 2013)

No EPA expansion of regulated waters. (July 2014)

Oppose the carbon cap-and-tax legislation; increase gas exploration. (Nov. 2010)

Voted “yes” on opening Outer Continental Shelf to oil drilling. (May 2011)

Voted “yes” on barring EPA from regulating greenhouse gases. (April 2011)

Let states lease energy rights on federal lands. (June 2013)

Tipton scored a paltry 3 percent Alliance for Retired Americans Western slope Congressional for his views on health care and Social Security funding.

Rep. Tipton voted against a motion to prohibit President Donald Trump and his family from benefiting personally from a bill to change federal banking rules. He consistently supports Trump.

Joe Fuller Moon

Snowmass Village