School survey was voluntary and legal |

School survey was voluntary and legal

I have noticed a series of letters in our local papers accusing Aspen School District employees of breaking the law for surveys. They cite the Colorado statute. So I read it. I don’t know where the critics went to school, but they are not correctly reading the law.

The voluntary Aspen survey that was asking for students’ feelings on diversity was not required and it was anonymous. Only about half of the students actually turned in the survey. The school principal included the text of code in her letter of response, but people tend to ignore what does not fit their idea.

This surprised me, but a majority in a survey of participants in the attack on the capital in Washington listed their number one problem with the country as “white replacement.” The right-wing protesters and rioters in Charlottesville, Virginia, August 2017, were chanting “we will not be replaced.”

It is true that the demographic ratio of Caucasians to “people of color” will become less than a majority in a few years. So the issue of “diversity” has become even more politically charged.

For some, just the mention of “diversity” is unacceptable because it implies a failure of sorts by whites for lack of appropriate behavior. But worse, this also implies that “white people” are not actually “better” than others. Republican political figures have been depending on the white voting block for many years. They called it the “southern strategy” when Richard Nixon ran. But it was Black and brown female voters that carried the day for Joe Biden. This is why the Republican machine has introduced new bills in all but a few states to suppress voting of “certain” groups. The slogan ought to be “make white America great again.” Or, MWAGA. Is the M silent? Too wide for a hat?

The law on surveys can be found here:

Patrick Hunter