Say ‘yes’ to Lift One |

Say ‘yes’ to Lift One

It’s so easy to say “no.” Bleats of no echo in Aspen’s history.

“No” to improving Highway 82. “No” to the Cooper and Hyman avenues’ malls. “No” to snowmaking. “No” to bike lanes. “No” to the Rio Grande trail. “No” to pedestrian right-of-way. “No” to no-smoking. “No” to high-speed lifts. “No” to snowboards on Aspen Mountain. “No” to bike paths. “No” to pot shops.

Some people always say “no.” It seems safe there. Because nothing is perfect.

But people with vision, people with courage, people with commitment, say “yes.” And they will say “yes” to the Lift One corridor plan. Because “no” goes nowhere.

And that’s not why you’re here.

Greg Lewis

Woody Creek