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Save the cougars

Wolves were eradicated from Colorado in the 1930s by ranchers, hunters and wildlife services. Colorado Parks and Wildlife and the above are on a campaign against reintroduction now on 2020 ballot so we decide the fate of these endangered apex predators being delisted and killed nationwide.

Now they are on a rampage to eradicate our beautiful cougars. CPW is a state agency funded by Colorado taxpayers; you have a voice. Once again wildlife are being used as a moneymaking commodity, inhumanely slaughtered for sport, trophy, recreation and to protect private livestock who do not belong on our public lands. Hunting cougars with as many as eight coon dogs is inhumane, unethical nor for meat. Now they will introduce the illegal lion call and expand cougar hunting into big game season? How do you hunt big game and predators at the same time?

Killing them actually increases cougar conflicts of which there are few, disrupting families and is typically juveniles where their mother was killed. Cougars need to be with their moms for a year or more to learn the ropes on how to survive, fend for themselves and avoid humans. When mothers are killed, young kits will starve and die inhumanely, uneducated juveniles lost.

Manager Matt Yamashita at a public meeting stated CPW has no idea how many lions live on the Western Slope and there have been zero human fatalities in Colorado. So how they are basing their percentages for management and cull is not with science. Ranchers and hunters state they never saw cougars; now they do so something must be done. Seeing a lion does not denote conflict. What a rare privilege to actually see one of these magnificent big cats. They also blame the predators for a decline in elk and deer populations and CWD. Nothing could be further from the truth as predators keep herds in check and free from disease (science). Man is the culprit with further encroachment on wildlife habitat; development, recreation, hunting, livestock, fencing, drought, wildfires, pesticides, fracking, predator control and loss of biodiversity. Seems only reason they want large big game herds is so hunters can kill them.

The big game and wildlife habitat belong to the predators not sportsmen or private ranchers who take up residence in Cougar territory. Predators are essential to our ecosystems. Please be their voice and make comments by April 30 at

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Pamela True