Sanitation going green, reducing costs |

Sanitation going green, reducing costs

Many of us wonder what more we can do about the climate crisis. Here’s one thing: support the proposed solar project north of the airport runway.

The Aspen Sanitation District is going green. Who knew? Already they’ve done a lot to reduce their electricity use by swapping out-of-date equipment for energy-efficient replacements. Now they’re taking the responsible next step. They, along with Holy Cross, are proposing a 5-megawatt solar-electric facility across the valley from, and at the same level as, the Brush Creek intercept lot. Details at

The planning commission will pass judgment on the solar project July 16. My tiny contribution was to write a supportive note to

Not only would this project address climate change, it would reduce the Sanitation District’s operating costs, and it could be part of a larger effort (e.g. micro-grid) to make the uppervalley less vulnerable to grid failure, which very nearly happened during last summer’s fire on Basalt Mountain.

Though we think of ourselves as green in the upper Roaring Fork Valley, it’s hard to find solar installations here — while ironically there’s lots of solar in Garfield County, which many regard as oil-and-gas country. Let’s do our part, and maybe catch up with Garfield’s solar efforts.

Michael Kinsley

Old Snowmas