Same agenda, different target in Mulcahy’s latest crusade

I protest Lee Mulcahy’s petition effort to recall me from the Pitkin Board of County Commissioners and ask that my supporters in the community decline to sign his petition. I am proud of my 18-month record on the BOCC.

Mr. Mulcahy is disgruntled due to his pending eviction and has developed a personal vendetta against me. Recalling me from the BOCC will do nothing to affect Mulcahy’s eviction. Apsen-Pitkin County Housing Authority and BOCC are different boards. Enforcement against Mulcahy began in 2015, long before I was sworn-in January 2019. Mulcahy lives in taxpayer subsidized housing. He agreed to rules to keep that housing. He broke those rules and has refused to allow an honest, qualifying family to own the home.

His claims have been argued in every level of court including U.S. Supreme Court. Not a single court upheld his due process arguments or agreed to stop the eviction. Mulcahy refuses to comply voluntarily. I support upholding APCHA’s rules, and the courts’ decisions.

Since 2019, I have initiated a community process to address growth, ensured snowmaking wouldn’t drain our rivers, enthusiastically supported the solar farm, required energy efficient construction, extended the North Star Preserve quiet zone, won 12 weeks paid parental leave for employees, and have been fair, transparent and inclusive.

On the petition to recall me from the BOCC, please decline to sign.

Kelly McNicholas Kury