Sales tax helps fund education for Snowmass children |

Sales tax helps fund education for Snowmass children

I am a 14-year resident of Snowmass Village and currently have a student at the Aspen High School and the Aspen Community School. I am also a big supporter of Issue 2A to renew the existing Snowmass Village property tax. This guarantees $500,000 per year of much-needed funding to the Aspen School District schools. This financial support is critical to the education of the kids of Snowmass Village, especially since our district has such dismal state funding.

With the state of Colorado unlikely to address the severe unmet funding needs of the Aspen School District, local financial support is more important than ever, and I am proud to pay our share.

Our yes vote on Issue 2A helps ensure the Aspen School District continues to deliver quality public education without increasing the current tax rate. Vote yes for Snowmass Village students on Nov. 3!

Kristen Tullar

Snowmass Village