Saddened by abortion rights marchers |

Saddened by abortion rights marchers

Beautiful day! Beautiful people! Families with children of all ages! Beautiful Paepcke Park!

We love our 51-year home here in Aspen where John has taught at Aspen High School for those 51 years. We love the freedom of speech and religion.

Last Saturday we went to the park and took an art set for the younger kids to enjoy. As we sat and enjoyed the beauty the crowd gathered for the march for Planned Parenthood for abortion rights. As I sat on the bench with the little children the group began to gather in front of the gazebo to hear the organizer tell them all the march through town was about to begin.

As all shouted, “My body, my choice,” I was looking at the group of high school students and families and I read the signs two young beautiful girls were holding. “Pussy Power” and “Made in Vagina” were the words I beheld and I began to weep.

What does that do to your heart? Yes, we’re free to say and do what we choose. My heart was torn as I thought about what that might mean. The innocence has been stolen. And one other adult sign that said, “I won’t get an abortion if you don’t get me pregnant.” I understand that is a desire for men to take responsibility. Many times it is a two-way street in choice, sometimes not, but it always takes two to create that life. Life begins at fertilization and that baby has no choice at all. The heartbeat is detected at six to 10 weeks.

So it is all on those who are making the choice to engage in sexual activity. Even with prophylactics pregnancy can occur. I know rape is another issue. God says, “Before I formed you in the womb I knew you.” This is one of over 100 verses that are in the Bible. He knows us and He loves us unconditionally. As much as it breaks my heart, it breaks His more. I am glad we get to have our feelings and to express them. Thank you for listening and for pondering this huge issue. We submit this with lots of love and lots of prayer.

John and Pam Fisher


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