Sad state of affairs |

Sad state of affairs

We are in a sad state of affairs when most of the people in our country believe a porn star over the president.

We are in a sad state of affairs when the president will never admit a mistake and will only blame others.

We are in a state of affairs when the lack of moral values and leadership usually in-trusted to a president do not matter to his supporters.

Remember when some Clinton campaign workers revolted when Hilary “stood by her man?”

Remember when people hated Bill Clinton and repeatedly accused him of being a terrible example to our youth? They called him “adulterer and trailer trash.”

Remember when Clinton lied about his relationship with Monica Lewinsky? He was impeached. Was the hatred directed at Clinton about his conduct or was it a cover for anti-Clinton voters’ true feelings?

Would any anti-Clinton voters have voted for him had he been a person who was honest, moral, forthright, and lived within the bounds of his marriage vows? I don’t think so.

Complaints against Clinton were an excuse for the voters to cover their true feelings of racial prejudice, hatred for democrats, and resentment against a changing society.

I recently talked to a Republican friend who lived in a district represented by a gay congressman. He was anti-gay with all that goes with it. Why did he strongly support his congressman? “He might be gay, but he is our gay.” That statement says it all. Nothing matters except people’s self-centered agendas.

Edmund Thomas


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