Sad about Paradise |

Sad about Paradise

For almost 40 years Paradise Bakery has been a major part of the total Aspen experience. It’s a friendly, happy place for locals and tourists alike. Hundreds of Aspen kids and out-of-towners have gotten their first jobs there.

I can’t think of anyone who hasn’t sat on their sun-drenched benches in their courtyard enjoying one of their cookies, muffins or ice cream, talking to friends, or making new friends and just watching the day go by. Not only have they given countless cookies and muffins to almost any fundraiser, benefit or organization that’s asked, every year they host a Mother’s Day brunch at the Senior Center. They’re so important to our community that I still can’t believe that after 40 years in business they are losing their lease to an Italian cashmere company. Seriously, what kind of landlord would prefer a high-end specialty store to be the focal point of our town instead of a tried and true, beloved bakery that has given us so many wonderful memories?

The worst part is these same landlords want to open an espresso, gelato shop in the same place. Really? I wonder if the folks at Loro Piana realize how much they will be disrupting our town by taking its community gathering place away from us. I for one love going to Paradise Bakery. It truly is paradise and I’m going to miss it so much and so will the rest of Aspen.

Knansee Taylor