Russia’s disinformation campaign is succeeding

Russia got its money’s worth turning the 70,000 votes that got Trump the Electoral College. In one year, Russia succeeded in creating an autocrat that’s divided the U.S. and attacked the very fabric of our democracy while working to enslave our population like it is in Russia. Russia turned us into a paranoid, vengeful oligarchy just like they are. There are still 56 protesters, out of the 300 arrested during Donald Trump’s inauguration, in prison.

Russia is doing so well that we are being warned to watch for disinformation again this year in preparation for the 2018 elections. There will be a massive outpouring to retain Republican legislators. We can only become informed and fact check through a variety of sources. Be aware that if one tends to read Republican or Democrat news, one’s media stream will consistently put Republican or Democrat material in front of you.

John Hoffmann