Roses and Thorns

Thorns to the Colorado Department of Transportation for undertaking a major paving project in Aspen during the height of summer season. We understand the need to get going while the weather is favorable, and Highway 82 west of the roundabout and east of Seventh Street desperately need some new asphalt. Nevertheless, a little planning would have gone a long way. The occupancy projections for Aspen show business dropping off drastically during the second half of August.

Roses go to the Pitkin County sheriff’s deputies who patrol Castle Creek Road and courteously remind road cyclists to ride single file in a safe fashion.

Thorns go to the road cyclists who refuse to ride single file on the Castle Creek Road in spite of the courteous reminders from the sheriff’s deputies.

Roses to midvalley developers for having the, um, gusto to go big. The developers of at least two projects in El Jebel and Basalt are seeking significant increases to projects that were approved prior to the recession and the Willits Town Center developer just flat out wants more square footage. You can’t blame people for asking. However, we will be bestowing thorns on elected officials of Basalt and Eagle County if they don’t delve deep into these requests and ask, “What’s in it for the public?”

Roses for Marc Breslin for organizing a good lineup of bands for the Wednesday night concerts in Basalt, and additional roses for the folks showing up, relatively few as they are. Thorns to the folks who complain that there is nothing to do in Basalt but don’t support a fun event. Concerts are at Lions Park every Wednesday at 6 p.m. Attendees are invited to bring a picnic and beverages of their choice.

Roses go to first responders from two weeks ago who attended to numerous fatalities in Pitkin County. The death of two campers, the recovery of a body near the Devil’s Punchbowl, a suicide and a natural death gave them more than plenty to handle that week. We are beyond grateful for their work.