Rose will make fine addition to Aspen City Council |

Rose will make fine addition to Aspen City Council

It is comforting to have so many apparently well-qualified candidates for Aspen City Council this year. Although I do not know most of them, I do know Sam Rose very well.

A letter published from one of Sam’s fellow volunteers on the Aspen Fire Department attested to his dedication as a member of that great community organization. Another letter attested to his dedication as a volunteer advocate at Response, a local nonprofit supporting survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault. That same letter also commended Sam for his dedication to his full-time job as Pitkin County’s COVID-19 lead case investigator, and mentioned how helpful Sam was to that letter writer when he and his family were sick with COVID-19.

Knowing Sam as I do, I think these letters speak volumes about who Sam is and how he feels about Aspen. He has clearly dedicated himself to making Aspen a better place for the people who live here.

But, it gets better: Not only has Sam given so generously of his time, he has put his money where his mouth is. Sam has said that if elected, he will donate his first year’s salary as a city councilman to the Aspen Community Foundation, a nonprofit formed to improve the quality of life in our area.

Wow! I have lived in Aspen for 16 years and never heard of anyone doing that. And make no mistake, Sam is not rich. He is no trust-funder, but feels since he is single and makes enough to meet his needs, he wants to give not only his time but some money to make things better for the citizens of Aspen.

While there may be a lot of qualified candidates, in my opinion, one really stands out in proving his dedication to Aspen and the welfare of its residents, and that is Sam Rose. Sam is an intelligent and thoughtful person who has demonstrated his caring for our community. I believe that Sam Rose will be an excellent addition to City Council and I hope you agree and will join me in voting for Sam.

Mark Rothman



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