Rob Leavitt gets it |

Rob Leavitt gets it

Basalt needs a mayor like Rob Leavitt. Rob understands the diversity and vibrancy of our community like no other candidate. He has been deeply engaged in practical solutions around strategic planning, youth empowerment and resiliency after the Lake Christine Wildfire.

Rob will help us craft a better future. Rob’s deep history in the midvalley, commitment to rational discourse and ability to comprehend complex issues will help us build on the past without overbuilding. Rob is one of those modest guys who listens, builds consensus and leads without being a jerk. With Rob’s leadership, Basalt will be able to say no to sprawl and yes to many things we need, including infill housing, youth engagement in government and a circulator bus. Please join me in placing Rob Leavitt as No. 1 on your Basalt ballot.

Jon Fox-Rubin