Rob Ittner has experience, no bias |

Rob Ittner has experience, no bias

Election time is rapidly approaching. Going forward, the Pitkin County commissioners will have their plates full with decisions of immense consequences for everyone living in the valley. This is not the time to vote based on whim or cronyism. Rather, we need highly qualified elected officials who will represent the best interests of all based on a coherent vision of the needs of county.

Rob Ittner is running to reclaim the seat as county commissioner that was swiftboated away from him four years ago. Rob’s first term a commissioner was marked by solid accomplishment and a involvement in a cooperative, well-functioning board. He brings to the task a solid business foundation and a pragmatic decision making process that features an inclusive, open-minded approach. He has no agenda skewed to any segment of the county.

In contrast, the incumbent who unseated Rob Ittner is running based on name recognition. Why? Because there is no substantive record of achievement. She has exhibited a judgmental nature and a lack of capacity to process complex issues. Witness her recent non-probative participation the hearing on future aircraft that will serve the airport. In short, on the merits she does not deserve another term.

The most recent national election has reminded us that elections have consequences and the dangers of voting for a person who lacks qualifications but relies on a name. Let’s not repeat the error on the local level. Rob Ittner deserves your close scrutiny and your vote in this upcoming non-partisan election for county commissioner.

Neil B. Siegel