Roads get more dangerous with Ascendigo approval

While I admire the work Ascendigo does for children with autism, I question the wisdom and motives behind their decision to locate their latest project in Missouri Heights.

One of my many concerns about this location is the dangerous increase in traffic, freely admitted to by Ascendigo, that will impact Cattle Creek Road, also called El Jebel Road (by the way, Ascendigo’s projected increase in the number of vehicles did not include service vehicles). Twice last week someone passed me driving down Cattle Creek Road, and I was going a little over the speed limit myself. Imagine this situation with the onslaught of slow-moving and over-sized construction vehicles, daily deliveries for laundry/food service, weekend family traffic, staff cars, 44 non-kids camp weeks of potential retreat or workshop participants, and fundraising events. The traffic will increase substantially with a corresponding accident rate. I envision the traffic on that road causing drivers to divert to Catherine Store Road, and imagine the tragedy that would ensue by an attempted passing on that narrow winding mountain road.

This is just one of the scenarios that we must consider if we allow this commercial venture to move into Missouri Heights. I’m sure that further study of the valley by Ascendigo would result in a more appropriate location for their project.

I ask the Garfield County commissioners to please vote NO on this project.

Sue Craver