Road to Aspen paved with ignorant intentions |

Road to Aspen paved with ignorant intentions

Early Wednesday morning I drove over Independence Pass. On my way out of Aspen, there were semitrucks coming the opposite direction and I thought, what’s going on? Obviously, they were told to turn around. Lo and behold, there was a state trooper a few miles up the road who was on watch for these drivers. When I arrived at Twin Lakes, there was no one on watch to turn them around.

Later Wednesday morning, on my return, at Twin Lakes I was told to turn around and my two-hour drive turned into over five hours to return home. Later, I read, Pitkin County had closed Independence Pass until Glenwood Canyon opens up. I understand the logic because if all the semitruck drivers know the pass is closed we will not have what occurred Wednesday — semitrucks stuck on the pass and creating blockage that didn’t have to happen if they were willing to obey the signs.

Knowing the ignorance, a state trooper was positioned just outside of Aspen to deter such drivers. Obviously, this didn’t last long and now the pass is closed to locals who would like to hike in the wilderness up the pass. What are we to do? Punish everyone for the stupidity of a few? Or, can state troopers be posted on each side of the pass to prevent this unlawful act of stupidity allowing the rest of us to enjoy the opportunities to hike the various trails the pass has to offer?

There are always going to be a few who, through their own selfish acts, disrupt the lifestyle of the many.

Melinda Fouts