RIP, Sweetwater Lake |

RIP, Sweetwater Lake

Well, you can kiss another one of Colorado’s special places goodbye. Gov. Jared Polis’ decision to designate Sweetwater Lake a Colorado State Park basically ensures that the lake will now be over-regulated, overrun and ruined forever.

The beauty of Sweetwater was how low-key it was. That’s gone, to be replaced, inevitably, by entrance gates, excessive fees (for what once was free access) and big crowds.

Once it was saved by the Forest Service and the Conservation Fund, Sweetwater should have been left just the way it was. Anyone who thinks this designation is a good idea or some kind of victory has never been to Sweetwater and has probably never seen how godawful Colorado State Parks can be.

So long, Sweetwater. You will be sorely missed. And shame on Gov. Polis for enabling this disaster.

Todd Hartley