Rio Grande Trail suitable for gas-line project |

Rio Grande Trail suitable for gas-line project

I just read the article about the possibility of Black Hills Energy putting their natural gas line under the Rio Grande Trail from Slaughterhouse Bridge to McLain Flats instead of tearing up the road and disrupting traffic for months. Not only would it be cheaper to put the gas pipe under the unpaved Rio Grande Trail, but the county should think about requiring Black Hills to pave that section of the bike trail once and for all. It is absurd that this is the only unpaved section of the entire trail from Aspen to Glenwood!

As Tom Melberg pointed out, using the Rio Grande Trail right of way would not only be cheaper but also greener, as there will be fewer idling cars. I don’t understand why Open Space and Trails would not grant approval to such a common-sense suggestion. It would be a nice option for road bikes in the future to be able to stay on the Rio Grande Trail if it were finally paved from Cemetery Lane to McLain Flats.

Having to deal with upcoming construction on Maroon Creek Road, Castle Creek Road and Owl Creek Road this summer is enough! (Not to mention all the construction around town.) I ask the parties responsible for the final decision to please consider the Rio Grande Trail option seriously.

Catalina Cruz