Riffle four Basalt

I am writing in support of my amazing wife, Jennifer Riffle, for another four-year term on Basalt Town Council. Having seen directly what it takes to be on a town council, I applaud our outgoing council members, outgoing mayor and all those who have served in these roles. As well, I applaud all of the mayoral and council candidates in this upcoming election; our small town is lucky to have so many engaged residents.

Being on one of the town boards or on the council is a time-consuming and often challenging duty for a citizen to undertake. To do it well requires hours of reading packets, following up with town staff, engaging with constituents, meeting with local districts and neighboring municipalities, deeply researching pertinent topics, collaborating with fellow councilors and most importantly holding one’s ground to advocate for the best for our town.

Being Jenn’s spouse, I can attest she puts her heart and soul into her role as councilor. When casting your vote in the mail in ballot, if you want a representative who will invest the abundant time needed, listen to their community and negotiate fiercely for Basalt and it’s citizens; know that Jenn is such a candidate.

John Perko