Ride to Bells rings sour for road bikers

It is truly disheartening that road bikers are yelled at by Forest Service personnel when respectfully dismounting at top of Maroon Creek Road (as we’ve done all these many years in the past) to walk our non-motorized bicycles the short distance from where buses now circle around in order to have the opportunity to relax/take in the views of the Maroon Bells/Maroon Lake.

We are not on e-bikes and are not willing to leave expensive bicycles unattended/parked when we so choose to make a brief stop before bicycling back down. We simply request perhaps better signage to allow for walk/not riding our bikes the short distance to take a well-deserved break without being harassed by the Forest Service.

Road bikers are in the minority these days on Maroon Creek/Castle Creek roads, and e-bikers need to be better educated at the rental shops not only with etiquette of the road, and yes, those groups/e-bikes should indeed be properly parked at designated area when not in use.

Longtime locals remain in the Roaring Fork area in part because of the beauty and opportunities of the mountains never gets old! We don’t take our environment for granted. We should not be restricted in places we’ve long made our home, and have always protected that gift for so many years, and always will in the years to come.

Please, don’t deprive us. And, with thanks, you are welcome to contact me personally.

Susan Capiel