Richards best choice for Aspen City Council |

Richards best choice for Aspen City Council

We are voting for Rachel Richards for City Council because she is relentlessly hardworking, honest, astute and devoted to Aspen.

Rachel has led the diverse life of many Aspenites who upon first arrival, experienced the joyous life of a ski bum, then later became a mom and raised a child and bumped up against providing housing and paying our exorbitant health insurance costs. Rachel, however, later became involved in public service.

Rachel understands the big issues facing Aspen right now: affordable housing, access to affordable health care, the airport expansion and Lift One. Because of her experience as a Pitkin County commissioner, she has already dealt with certain aspects of many of these issues, and Rachel will bring that expertise to Aspen City Council.

Rachel’s experience will inform her about what questions to ask, what solutions she can offer and how to get projects completed.

For these reasons, we invite you to join us in voting for Rachel Richards for Aspen City Council.

Blanca and Cavanaugh O’Leary