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RFTA tax will help trails, too

I support the proposed modest property tax increase to enable the Roaring Fork Transportation Authority to fulfill its mission of providing high-quality public transportation to the valley. It also should provide funds for proper trail maintenance.

According to the RFTA trails manager, funds do not exist this year for significant trail repair and are only a hope for next year’s budget.

To keep its commitments and garner increased voter support for the proposed tax, RFTA needs to fix the many deteriorated parts of the Rio Grande Trail between Basalt and Carbondale.

Bright orange squiggles on humps and holes, warning bike riders and pedestrians seem to be taking over the trail at an alarming rate. There are permanent looking “Trail Damage” signs in place, but no signs of repair.

The unrepaired trail damage is a safety issue, because rolling over the marked and unmarked damage at even very slow speeds causes destabilizing wheel hop to a bike. It also detracts from the use and enjoyment of the trail.

When RFTA was formed it acquired the old railroad right of way from Aspen to Glenwood Springs with a public commitment to create and maintain a trail.

Bernie Grauer