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RFTA needs our thanks and our support

During my tenure in the Roaring Fork Valley, I have watched four distinct communities — Aspen, Basalt, Carbondale and Glenwood Springs — merge to become one community from Rifle to Glenwood Springs to Aspen. Each community provides a unique and special history, serves identifiable needs and provides the distinct environments needed by its particular residents. This blending of opportunities within our communities adds to the excitement of our recreational demands; the fulfillment of our needs, commercial, domestic and medical; the availability of meaningful employment; the blending of opportunities for cultural and educational opportunities; and the mixture of participants in our area culture to enable us to live in this exciting and special place.

To take advantage of the various opportunities, one needs transportation options. If we want to move from one place to another,if we do not want an eight-lane highway, if we don’t want more autos and more pollution, and if we wish to provide transportation opportunities for those without a car or who choose not to drive, we need the Roaring Fork Transportation Authority.

RFTA was born out of a need to provide necessary, timely, meaningful and appropriate travel opportunities. It has continued to meet the growing needs of our valley. We need, now, to continue to support its success and its need for funding needed to provide essential and desired services. RFTA has served our communities for years; it is time for our growing and changing communities to serve RFTA.

Vote “yes” for RFTA and 7A on the ballot Nov. 6’

Dorothea Farris