RFTA needs improve service up and down Roaring Fork Valley

Something needs to change for those of us who want to take the bus to Aspen from Basalt for work. The past two times I tried to take the bus from the Basalt stop, either the bus drove past us or took one person and then took off, leaving all the other people waiting for the next bus. The “bus following” notification is meaningless as that can mean anything from 10 to 30 minutes before you can get a seat on a bus.

This is an impossible situation for people who need to arrive to work in a timely fashion. Since Basalt is the last stop on the bus rapid transit, we are being shortchanged regularly. One of my fellow riders said that she’s had to wait for as many as five buses before she can get a seat. What is Roaring Fork Transportation Authority going to do to provide service to all people in the valley this winter, not just those coming from Glenwood or Carbondale? We know winter weather is coming and we rely on RFTA to get us where we need to go.

Betsy Furth