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RFTA needs better bike racks

If the Roaring Fork Trasportation Authority and local governments want locals to ride the bus, they need to update the old-budget bike racks on the busses. Yes there are more WEcycle stands in the valley, but many people want to load a personal bike on the bus.

A friend and I wanted to ride SM Bike Park and then Government trail to Buttermilk. Then ride Airline to Cozy Line back to the Intercept lot where we parked the car. When the Snowmass bus pulled up it was impossible to get three bikes (another person also had a bike) on the rack without putting the bikes in precarious positions possibly damaging them, the components or suspension sanchions. Most newer full-suspension bikes will not fit in the old antiquated “fork” racks due to rear suspension shocks and smaller frame triangles. Modern mountain bikes cost $4,000 to $8,000 and people don’t want to subject them to metal forks and Velcro straps for transport.

I was not allowed to bring my bike on the bus, even though there were only four people on it, so we got in the car and drove to Snowmass. So much for public transportation.

Maybe RFTA could look into some of the bike racks that are on Denver’s trains. They are very user-friendly and store bikes safely, vertically and by the front tire only — not damaging any component of an expensive bike.

John Norman