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RFTA, government siphoning off hard-earned money

It’s so astonishing how the Roaring Fork Transportation Authority government gangsters and their “sub rosa” bosses scheme to siphon off more of your hard earned money (City of Aspen, Pitkin County ready to ask voters to ask voters to financially back RFTA”, Aspen Times, April 3).

If you voters would attend RFTA board meetings like I, you would have heard about the future property tax increase scheme when the time would be ripe to win such a ballot by calculating the

favorable electorate winds for it.

Is this always the only solution these so-called highly educated, upper middle class RFTA masters can come up with besides taking lots of money from other people’s bank accounts through repeated state and federal governments funding pay-offs to this bus transit system?

What alternatives does the the RFTA roguish clique offer you which would not pick your pockets?

I have repeatedly championed sensible revenue streams to the RTFA hooligans and you, the public.

These pecuniary sources include:

1. Transit TV programming on buses with television advertizing mostly geared toward the many middle-middle class to the rich residents, second homeowners and visitors in Aspen, Snowmass Village and Pitkin County. They make a money rich bus captive audience for the global luxury oriented businesses, especially during Winter and Summer.

2. Advertizements on the outside of buses and at bus stops like in Los Angeles and Denver. Funny how the RFTA board, includes Glenwood Springs, looks down on this money-maker while Glenwood Springs has ads in Denver plastered across the outside of Denver Regional Transporation District light rail cars.

3. Aggressive selling of poster ads for inside buses.

Bear in mnd RFTA can cut the fat and waste out of its present budget and operations and spend the money and time on frequently thoroughly cleaning its buses and its bus stops. Filth and germ breeding environments are so unsightly and threaten human health by spreading illnesses.

Although there is more I can write, this is enough for now.

Emzy Veazy III


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