Rethinking Aspen’s next Fourth of July |

Rethinking Aspen’s next Fourth of July

I would like to applaud and add my two cents worth to Stephanie Soldner’s comprehensive letter to the editor June 12 to, “Fewer fumes, more creativity for July 4 parade,” and her abbreviated version June 13 in the Aspen Daily News, “Fourth of July challenge.”

I agree wholeheartedly. I’ve always wondered why Aspen’s Fourth of July parade was so environmentally threatening when, as Ms. Soldner states, “This, in the town that says we are committed to combating climate change by encouraging innovation and ideas from the Canary Initiative, CORE, ACES and others.”

What is the reason for this concern? As Ms. Soldner spells out correctly, “In recent years the parade has been dominated by huge trucks, buses, ATVs, motorcycles and souped-up coops etc.” Not only is the air filled with noxious, poisonous fumes, but all ears (human and animal) are abused by the offensively loud motors and sirens. This is a small town surrounded by mountains that tend to amplify the noise decibels.

I love Ms. Soldner’s idea/challenge to cut down on the motorized entries and look to creativity to add more unique, inventive entries that “showcase what Aspen is famous for.”

Oh, and my two cents worth, isn’t all that irritating shooting of water into the crowds a waste of a very precious resource here in this valley?

We have a whole year to get inspired to come up with some “Aspen Messy Vitality” parade entries that honor our gorgeous, fragile environment and eclectic population in the Roaring Fork Valley.

Ricki Newman


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