Retailers, shoppers benefit from parking spots |

Retailers, shoppers benefit from parking spots

Editor’s note: This letter originally has been addressed to City Council members.

I have been in retail in Aspen since 1991. I own and operate Susie’s Ltd. Consignment. I am writing because of my growing concern for lack of parking in the city.

My business depends on customers being able to park close by while dropping off large bags and boxes for consignment. Many of these customers then spend an hour or so shopping. Obviously the time spent shopping is also integral to my business, so a “10-minute drop-off zone “ would not work for me.

All retailers depend on parking availability. There are many people for various reasons who do not or cannot bike or ride the bus to Aspen. To list just a few:

People drive to town, shop, load their bags into their car and then go skiing or hiking.

People drop their children off at various activities, then go shopping.

Some people are old or ill and still would like to shop. Buses and bikes are simply not feasible for them.

Some people bring their dogs with them.

Volunteers delivering meals for Meals on Wheels or Pathfindersor other volunteer work involving cars may wish to shop before going home.

The list goes on.

Eliminating parking places on Hopkins Avenue by making it a one-way street is just not a sound idea. Parking there is already limited and a number of retail shops and restaurants rely on the existing spots.

Encouraging riding bikes and buses is a good thing and should, but not at the expense of retail and restaurant businesses.

Susan Harvey